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Taking a ride with my best friend
Why do you smile the smile
And breathe love
A late lunch by design
This ain’t no disco!
In the town they were going down
The story of it all
The world we live in and life in general
What makes the world turn
Talking to me loud and clearly
We walk together. We’re walking down the street.
In situations like these
Forgetting all I couldn’t do today
You got to work hard
But not tonight
My secret garden
Try walking in my shoes
Now this is fun
Get the balance right
Lights on, switch on. Your eyes are far away.
Hear them say you’re out of sight
Everything counts
From the top to the bottom and then
Dancing with you all the time. And don’t you think that it’s a crime.
The shouts of the boys
Pain and misery always hit the spot
The thoughts in my head
The wrong tendencies
Reach out and touch faith
And everything you’re thinking babe, inside your head
It sucked you in, it dragged you down
I’ll make your heart smile
The handshake seals the contract
Without even trying
Take a look all around and I’ll be there
Put it on. And don’t say a word.
Plans made in the nursery
Oh sometimes. Only sometimes.
All for themselves. After all.
To be flexible when the boat comes in
We’re walking down the street
Boys say go!
Give me something to get excited about
Twist and turn until you got it right
Something’s changing, it’s in your eyes
I stand still stepping on a shady street
And in the glow of the moon
The bottom line
The last time
And the truth is
Happy soul